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First settings

Posted: Sat Nov 25, 2017 3:33 pm
by MikeRoberts
There are many options so the app can be used how you want it. A suggestion to start with is as follows:
Click the settings icon (top right) or menu button, then ‘settings’.
Untick ‘Show lat, long’. Note these are decimal degrees if you need to give these to anyone/emergency services.
Untick the ‘Blank screen after timeout’. This will leave the screen on – that will work fine with most phones for an hour or so (depends on phone and battery!). For longer rides or where one just wants to track then blanking the screen is the major battery saver.
Then tick the ‘Load route’ up to have a route to follow (see planning), and set the Load previous tracks’ to whatever desired – suggest start with the maximum of 6.
The GPS default settings work well for cycling. The values could be increased for slower activities or if saving battery becomes a priority.