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Planning/ creation of route.gpx file

Posted: Sat Nov 25, 2017 3:35 pm
by MikeRoberts
Mike’s Tracker can show a route as a black track on the map. This is an optional (but recommended) feature, not required if you know where you want to go or are happy to use the map as a guide.
The route will be shown if the settings option ‘Load route’ is ticked and a file named ‘route.gpx’ has been loaded into the MikesTracker directory on the phone. Note that Mike’s Tracker needs to be closed and restarted for this option to be implemented. The MikesTracker directory will be created by Mike’s Tracker when the first track is recorded.
.gpx route files can be found on the web – e.g. at / or create your own at, for example, / / . Simply rename the file to route.gpx and copy it to the phones MikesTracker directory. The route can also be loaded into Google Earth where it can be explored in detail (note to tick the box ‘Create KML LineStrings’ when importing).
Mike’s Tracker can also load up to 6 of the most recent tracks. This is great for seeing where you have been in your favourite area and for showing others your recent routes. The routes are in the colours of the rainbow, starting with orange (red is used for the route being recorded). This option requires Mike’s Tracker to be closed and restarted as the tracks are loaded when the map is created.