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Posted: Sat Nov 25, 2017 4:00 pm
by MikeRoberts
There are many websites that will show segment times and comparison with others. The sites below should get you started. See the analysis forum below for users’ comments/suggestions
Strava (
This is a very popular cyclists website that also caters equally for running, walking, hiking and many more types of activity. It accepts .gpx files and processes heart rate data if this is included. A very good site for comparison of times with others.
MapMyRide/MapMyRun (,
These sites provide very good mapping facilities. The comparison aspects include a points system so it is possible to become ‘King of the Mountain’ through doing a hill more frequently than others instead of just faster. Sadly they do no not process heart rate data in .gpx files – despite the fact that they process Garmin data and the standard used for heart rate data in .gpx files is one set by Garmin! A request has been lodged. More requests would put this up their priority list.
RideWithGps (
RideWithGp is good for mapping and finding routes and will process heart rate data, but does not include comparison of times with others. A nice feature is the ability to see rides others have done in a target area. Also one can upload .kml files from Google Earth. This enables processing of routes from Google Earth into the .gpx format required by Mike’s Tracker.
Google Earth (
Google Earth is good for exploring a route and in particular to be able to look at critical turns to help avoid missing them when following the route for real. When importing .gpx files note to select file type .gpx and to click the ‘Create KML LineStrings’ box. One can also set a 3D flyover to follow the .gpx route.